The Doctor Stories

The Doctor Stories is an astonishing and poignant collection of short stories inspired by poet William Carlos Williams’ lifelong career as a family physician in Paterson, New Jersey. Our adaptation of The Doctor Stories is a TV mini-series of 4-6 … Read More


The Marry Me Bill

Before marrying, couples now select a time “horizon” and a mutually acceptable number of dalliances, as well as a financial exit strategy, therefore unburdening their union from messy, unexpected conflicts — and saving enormously on legal and psychological resources for … Read More


Intentional Community

INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY is a half-hour comedy series that takes place in the hilarious gap between our best intentions and that territorial, superficial little bugger called human nature that lives just below the surface of the self we aspire to be. … Read More


The Social Evil

Based on fictionalized historic events, THE SOCIAL EVIL is an epic dramatic series for cable tv that blends elements of The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and Boston Legal. Spanning a tumultuous era from 1906 to 1962, when the redoubtable Godwin Leverett … Read More


The Big Package

Steve and his sexy mistress/business partner, Cheyenne, are doing a brisk business foreclosing on homes in a lower-middle class community in California until Steve tries to pull off a massive real estate deal that would catapult them into the personal … Read More